how to block Inbound calls from specific number in vicidial

How to block Inbound calls from specific number in vicidial?
Thanks to vicidial/vicibox team to have the facility to gives the feature to block the spam inbound calls.
now a days, its very easy to block the unwanted call in vicidial.

Navigate to the Inbound section,


> Add Filter Phone Group  > put your information (any you want)

like blockinbounds1  as ID, group name, description 

> Submit

After that :


> Show DIDs

> yourDID (any)

> Filter Inbound Number (set it to GROUP)
> Filter Phone Group ID (select as you newly created (blockinbounds1)

at the end, click submit

After that :


> Add-Delete FPG Number

> Select Filter Phone Group (any)

> Type number in Phone Numbers section
> Select Add or delete (as you want)

> Submit

Finally the number you added in this group, will be block in the DID you select.

If you wanna change this in all DIDs, then use phpmyadmin as its easy tool,

To change the filter_inbound_number and filter_phone_group_id of all DIDs

type this command in SQL of edit inline section of the table,

update vicidial_inbound_dids set filter_inbound_number=’GROUP’,filter_phone_group_id=’blockinboind1′


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